Finding, developing and keeping Young Professionals is a tough challenge nowadays. Where do you find the right candidates? Where do you find the time to guide, coach, and train them?

Meet the new generation of Risk Professionals

At Risketeers we combine knowledge of Risk, Data, Sustainable finance and Compliance with years of experience in recruitment and talent development. Our Young Professionals and High Potentials are selected with care and are trained by the best Experts in their field.

Our talents are:

  • fully trained professionals suited for your organization
  • competent working professionals for an outstanding price
  • selected with care to assure a 100% match with your organization

Intensive training

The traineeship lasts 12 months. After a two-week intensive training, they will join your team. After the training where they learn all the basics, they will specialize as Business Analysts, Data & Implementation Analysts, Risk Modellers, or KYC & Compliance Analysts. In total, the trainee will receive around 30 days of training, courses, and coaching. After 12 months, they will be full-fledged professionals and join your organization without any fee.

Soft skills

In addition to content training, there will be a focus on soft skills. Our masterclass Personal Leadership is a crucial part of our traineeship.

Acceleration in growth

We are convinced that our professionals not only accelerate their own growth, but also the growth in professionality of your department. With their capacities, the latest insights, new innovative work methods, and of course their enthusiasm they can provide fresh energy to your team!

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